Welcome to J Briggs Studio

Horse Portraits, Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits

As a professional horse portrait artist, as well as a life long equestrian myself, I know how important our equine friends are to us. I strive to create a custom portrait that really speaks to you as the owner. I want you to look at your horse portrait and see your horse’s personality and soul. With each custom horse portrait, I work closely with you on choosing a photo that will make a good portrait. Although most of the portraits I have done for others are from pictures of their horses looking regal, I do also love portraits that are fun or silly. So, if you have a picture of your horse showing off his own unique personality, those make wonderful portraits as well. The custom portrait below is interesting in that it captures the horse from a unique angle, over looking the fence. His ears aren’t fully displayed, and neither is his full chin, but it makes for a lovely picture.

If you are interested in a custom horse portrait, dog portrait or cat portrait, I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share my website with others!

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