Custom Pet Portraits

Photo Quality is Important!

J Briggs Studio Custom Pet Portraits

The success in my custom horse, dog and cat portraits begins with a good photo. The photo needs a strong sense of contrast – in other words, lights and darks without a lot back ground “noise.” Noise is what we call extra objects, details, people, buildings, etc. Those things can be omitted, obviously, but they don’t help create a wonderful portrait. It’s worth taking some new photos of your animal in different light and at different angles.

The good thing about these 3 photos is there isn’t a lot of “noise” in the background. The first picture shows wonderful contrast and a nice expression. The second photo would work fine too, it just doesn’t have quite as nice contrast. You can tell a big difference in the eyes. There is more color and expression in the eyes on photo 1. The last picture has a very cute expression, but it is in shadow more than the others. It would still work, but you lose a lot of the contours of the face.

So when choosing a photo for a custom portrait, keep these things in mind, and your portrait will be fabulous.

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